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Our Ethos

Our vision and values are the guiding principles behind all that we do at Oak Learning Partnership.  Our vision encapsulates what we are working to achieve, and our values show how we go about it. Our united vision and values reflect our passion for providing our young people with the best education possible, whilst addressing social inequalities and striving to make a positive difference to the life of every single child within our schools. Under the headings below you will see how we bring our vision and values to life in our schools. 

Our Vision
Our vision is to give all our learners a highly effective education in a truly inclusive environment. We aim to achieve this through three core values:


Our Values

Aspiration - a determination to achieve something great and overcome even the most challenging of obstacles.

We believe that instilling aspiration in our young people will allow them to reach their full potential and achieve something great. Our schools will identify learning pathways and individual support programmes matched to individual needs to allow all our young people to overcome obstacles towards happy and successful futures.

Integrity - working together within our school communities with a strong moral and resolute purpose to determine a positive future for each young person.

We believe in building a partnership with parents, families, schools, other agencies and the local community based on trust, overcoming challenges together to improve the life chances of our young people. We work together with respect, empathy and compassion ensuring that each school's relationship with stakeholders is at the centre of its work.

Resilience - for every young person to experience a positive learning journey to maximise their future opportunities in relation to education and career.

We encourage our pupils to be enterprising, to have emotional capacity, to be confident, to have positive self-esteem and to be on a positive journey for learning. We encourage our staff to go the extra mile to make a difference to our young people, engaging them with learning experiences which open up infinite possibilities for their futures.