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Hazel Wood High School

I am extremely proud to be the headteacher of Hazel Wood High School and to belong to the Oak Learning Partnership. Hazel Wood High School exists to foster a sense of pride and community and provide opportunity for all to excel. We have professional and highly motivated staff and, in partnership with our young people, parents and governors, we aim to equip young people for the demands of the 21st century by offering every opportunity to excel.

Our school is built on the core values of Pride, Respect and Aspiration. We aim to ensure that we create a stimulating and disciplined environment, and to recognise that successful education lies in supporting the welfare of the whole child: their safety, health and happiness.  By helping our students to develop an understanding of our changing world we will encourage them to become positive contributors to society.

Offering opportunities to excel, we aim to provide all our students with an education that equips them with the skills to achieve their full potential at school and in life. The message to our students is clear- we want them to make the difference and ensure they fulfil their ambitions and aspirations with pride and respect.

Mr P. Greenhalgh


Our Vision and Values

Our vision is:

To give our learning community a highly effective education in a truly inclusive environment.

Our vision is underpinned by 4 key values. They are:

Compassion - We believe that we should show compassion to others and teach our young people that to be compassionate demonstrates their strength of character. Teaching our young people to be compassionate with each other should be a key element of their education.  Encouraging compassion between all staff and for parents and families should be part of the ethos of the school.

Aspiration - We have a strong desire across our learning community to achieve something great, to achieve more than we expected and to encourage others to do the same, to believe that we can achieve great things and overcome all the obstacles.

Integrity - We talk about having moral courage, overcoming difficulties and being able to have difficult conversations, being self reflective and basing everything on truth and trust, having empathy and being open with a clarity of purpose in our systems.

Resilience - We want to encourage our pupils to be fearless, to have capacity including emotional capacity, to be confident, have positive self esteem and be able to bounce back and be on a journey for learning.