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Unsworth Primary School
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Unsworth Primary School

At Unsworth Primary School we pride ourselves on providing children with a happy and stimulating environment in which they can learn, develop and achieve.

Our committed staff team work hard to encourage the children to enjoy learning, achieve their best, behave well, support each other and grow in confidence to become outstanding citizens.

We are committed to providing a warm and supportive ethos where staff, children and parents work together to ensure all feel happy, safe and cared for. We believe that each child has their own unique qualities and we take care to bring out these gifts and talents, to nurture them and to celebrate them together, valuing the contribution each child makes to our community.

Through our practice at Unsworth Primary School we aim to:

Create a happy and caring school for all of our children.

Provide a welcome for parents, governors and members of the wider community.

Celebrate the individual contribution of every child.

Help each child to develop confidence in themselves and respect for others.

Deliver a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum that is accessible to all our children.

Encourage all members of the school community to be fully committed and involved in the life of the school.

Develop positive learning partnerships between home and school.

Have high expectations of every child enabling them to reach their full potential.

Create a lively and stimulating learning environment.

Communicate our Mission Statement and aims to all members of the school community.