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Curriculum Principles

We have worked together to produce a set of curriculum principles for all Oak Learning Partnership Schools. These identify where we align whilst ensuring each school has the freedom to design its curriculum offer for its pupils and community.

Our Curriculum Principles



Our aspirational curriculum is both ambitious and focused. It is designed to be balanced, sequenced and progressive. We believe it should be knowledge-rich, enabling the application of skills across all curriculum subjects. A wide range of experiences and opportunities are planned beyond the classroom.


Our inclusive curriculum ensures the needs of all are met through an adaptable approach. The core skills of communication, language, literacy and numeracy are at the centre of our curriculum design. Diversity is woven into the fabric of our curriculum. We learn with and from our pupils, valuing their talents and interests as we celebrate their achievements.


Collaborative partnerships benefit all of our communities. Our pupils have the opportunities to collaborate in their learning. Our staff work together to develop their knowledge and skills for the benefit of all of our pupils. We continually learn by looking outwards and collaborating with those within and beyond our partnership.


Values are at the heart of our curriculum and open the minds of our pupils. We promote social and emotional learning to build character, resilience and support health in body and mind. In a safe learning environment, we prepare our pupils to become reflective individuals and critical thinkers who are morally and culturally aware.


We build solid foundations; develop independence and provide the building blocks for the next stage in life. We learn from and with the wider community, valuing our local context. Our curriculum empowers pupils to be ready for the world, supporting them to become global citizens.